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Oklahoma!, MTWichita 2016

Child and Teen Audition Results

Many thanks to the 205 Teens and Kids who attended the MTWichita Youth Auditions this year, and who shared their time and talent with us so impressively.

If your name is not seen below, in any of the categories, please don’t be discouraged. We have limited stage space, and there was so much talent! If we don’t have the pleasure of working with you this season, we hope to see you again in the future.

Below are preliminary lists of the young artists we are hoping to have in the various shows, as well as performers to be featured in the Trust Company of Kansas Teen Choir.

There are some casting questions we still have, for which answers won’t be known until after we’ve cast our resident company, including the assignment of any Teen Intern positions. We will have some callbacks for all of the Von Trapp children in the next few weeks. The candidates for those roles have been notified. So, keeping all this in mind, here is today’s list. Please check the different categories, because some names will be found on more than one performing list.

All the Teen Choir artists listed are definitely offered the chance to perform with us, and we hope you’ll do as many of the five different productions as your schedule and interest permit.

All the performers listed for teen ensemble in The Sound of Music are definitely offered that show, and we hope you will join us. Ladies will be nuns, gentlemen will be storm troopers and Austrian citizens.

We tried to assign artists only to shows they requested. Be sure to let us know if we made a mistake. Also, be sure to let us know if we have not listed your name correctly, or the way you prefer. In all cases, let us know whether or not you will be joining us NO LATER THAN MAY 1, by emailing Josh Larson:

After the summer season has begun, the stage managers will be in touch with you about rehearsal schedule and costume fittings. Thanks again for a wonderful, impressive display of talent!

Wayne Bryan                                   Nancy Reeves                              Joshua Larson

2019 Teen Choir

A different configuration of the Teen Choir is assembled for each of the five productions. The Teen Choir list is can be found here.

Please email Josh and let us know if you are planning to join us. Teen Choir rules and schedule for the summer can be found here; please read this section regarding the email to Josh.

The Sound of Music

Rehearsals begin Sunday June 2 for nuns, Tuesday June 4 for teen gentlemen; performances June 12-16. Von Trapp Family and other children of Salzburg will have separate schedules.)

Melody Prater
Liz Raehpour

Austrian gentlemen:
Evan Bergeron
Chase Farha
Daniel Kelly
Edward Sturm
Brayden Worden

Called back for Von Trapp family (and additional children in Austria):

Josie Anderson (Liesl, Louisa)Tate Langston (Kurt)
Violet Baker (Marta)Kaitlyn Lemon (Marta, Brigitta)
Mackenzie Buxman (Louisa)Clara Mayans (Marta)
Ava Graves (Louisa)Kilian McGaffin (Kurt, Friedrich)
Ava Griffin (Marta)Linley Ann Owen (Brigitta)
Evie Griffin (Gretl)Olivia Prue (Louisa)
James Heinrichs (Kurt, Friedrich)Jadynce Schroeder (Brigitta)
Kayla Hill (Gretl)Riley Jo Simmons (Marta)
Abby Hoglen (Louisa)Nataleigh Stanley (Marta)
Gabrielle Kanagy (Brigitta)Nova Stanley (Gretl)
Carson Kindle (Kurt, Friedrich)Benjamin Vardaman (Kurt, Friedrich)
Acacia Knight (Marta, Brigitta)Alice Claire Wyatt (Gretl)

An American in Paris

Rehearsals for company begin Thursday June 13 at 12:30 pm. Performances are June 26-30. Note: We will be holding dance callbacks for teen interns later In the spring.