2018 Audition Updates (As of 3.13.18)

"… We’ve got magic to do, just for you … "

And there’s been plenty of magic during this year’s auditions. What amazing talents we’re seeing!

We saw 62 singer-dancer-actors in Ann Arbor, 164 in Chicago, 153 in Wichita, and last weekend we enjoyed 158 performers in Oklahoma City. (All in addition to the 207 terrific Wichita teens and children we saw last month.)

We have seen enough marvelous talent to populate our season three times over, with equally spectacular quality, so the final selection is now very challenging.

The terrible reality is that, due to the construction of this year’s shows and the size of the costume packages, we need only TEN WOMEN and TEN MEN to be with us all summer, plus various featured roles in each show. Vocal ranges must balance, circus tricks are highly prized, and everyone must be comfortable in unitards and gymnastic attire (for both Pippin and The Little Mermaid).

Even beloved performers who have worked with us in past seasons may not be appearing on this year’s list, primarily because we need such a small resident ensemble, and also because certain unique qualities are proving to be especially valuable this season. We hope our alumni know they always remain part of this family, no matter what happens from year to year.

We’ve now completed auditions in four of our five cities, with only the final week in New York still ahead. By now, we have seen most of the folks who will be invited to join our resident company. Understandably, many of the artists we’ve interviewed are receiving other offers, so we are beginning to make commitments to some performers.

If your name is listed below, and you have another offer that requires you make a decision, please email Nancy at nancy@mtwichita.org  and we’ll do our best to give you an immediate answer. (If we are not ready to commit, we will encourage you to take the other job.)

Similarly, if for any reason you are no longer interested or available, we’d appreciate your letting us know. All casting should be finished in the next three weeks.

After Ann Arbor, Chicago, Wichita, and Oklahoma City, these are the folks in whom we are most interested for our resident singing-dancing (non-Equity) company. This does not include artists who are being considered as guest artists for specific shows. 

As of 3.12.18 (after Ann Arbor, Chicago, Wichita, and Oklahoma City):


Maya Alwan
Caitlin Belcik
Melissa Campbell
Caroline Coffey
Emma Hearn
Abby Kress
Tatum Ludlam
Halle Mastroberardino
Macy McKown
Faith Northcutt
Holly O’Neal
Lena Owens
Liza Piccoli
Katie Pohlman
Alyah Scott
Nina White


Chris Clark
Nicholas Davis
Aiden DeWitt
Michael Dikegoros
Anthony Giandiletti
Keith Gruber
Will Jewett
Kamal Lado
Colin LeMoine
Simon Longnight
Trevor McChristian
Commodore C. Primous, III
Mason Reeves
Justin Showell
Jake Smith
Drew Tanabe

Also being considered for a partial season or certain roles:

Gordie Beingessner
Koko Blanton
Sydney Rae Blosch
Caroline Boesen
Nick Eibler
Katie Frieden
Melissa Goldberg
Allison S. Jones
McKenzie Kurtz
Evie Lawson
Hannah Malinowski
Paula Makar
Devon McCleskey
Aaron James McKenzie
Gabbe Meloccaro
Taylor O’Toole
Cayla Primous
Madeline Regier
Katie Robu
Sara Shomgard
Brianna Stoute
Tyler Treat