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The King and I, MTWichita 2013

Production Department / 2021 Season Special Notice

Thank you so much for your interest in MTWichita! We are celebrating our 50th season as one of the United States' premier summer theatres - for those onstage as well as the individuals behind the scenes. Whether you are coming back home to Wichita or joining us for the first time - we're glad to have you here. While we are always seeking the best technical and design talent to join us for the summer, we are needing to pivot in 2021 to keep our workers safe and healthy amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Accordingly, we'll be keeping our crews smaller this year, and will be primarily looking for talent within Wichita and surrounding areas to fill out our roster. We look forward to being able to open our general application this coming fall in anticipation of a typical summer season in 2022! If you are local to Wichita and are interested in working with us this summer, or if you have any additional questions not answered here, please direct your questions to Mitchell Southerland

Job Description - Assistant Stage Manager
Job Description - Assistant Technical Director
Job Description - Carpenter
Job Description - Costume Craftsperson
Job Description - Cutter / Draper
Job Description - Draftsperson
Job Description - Electrician
Job Description - First Hand
Job Description - Hair / Makeup Assistant
Job Description - Master Electrician
Job Description - Props Artisan
Job Description - Props Run Crew
Job Description - Scenic Artist
Job Description - Stitcher
Job Description - Video Intern
Job Description - Wardrobe Crew
Job Description - Welder / Fabricator

Funds are available to help those traveling to Wichita, KS for the summer to work in the Production Department.  Amounts are based on distance from the theatre using state boundaries as guidelines.  These funds will be direct deposited to your bank account two weeks prior to your contracted arrival date.  Click below for more information:

Travel Reimbursement Map

Full housing subsidies are given to those heading up the major shops within the Production Department.  This is available either in the form of pre-arranged accommodation through MTWichita or through a one-time deposit to your bank account for an equivalent cash value of the MTWichita housing.  All other employees will be supplied with a listing of local housing options that have agreed to lease to MTWichita employees at a reduced rate.  You will also be invited to an email + Facebook group to assist in finding roommates for the summer.

It is highly recommended that you travel to Wichita with your own transportation or make arrangements with another staffer for travel to and from work.  Production Department members work odd hours and the availability of public transportation isn't always guaranteed.  

MTWichita produces and performs within the Century II Performing Arts Complex, situated along the Arkansas River in the heart of downtown Wichita, KS.  Affectionately called the "mothership" due to its otherworldly mid-century modern architecture, Century II is the home to not only MTWichita, but also the Wichita Symphony Orchestra, as well as Music Theatre for Young People. During the summer, MTWichita takes over the basement production spaces as well as the 2,145-seat Concert Hall to produce five full-scale musicals.  

  • Parking / Biking to Work
    Upon arrival to your first day of work, you'll receive a parking pass to park in one of two lots onsite.  These two lots have been highlighted on a map found: Here. Your parking pass must be displayed on your dash at all times to avoid being ticketed by the city. Those bicycling to work will be allowed to store their bikes in the basement of the building.
  • Building Access
    ​You will be issued a keycard for access to and travel through the building. This keycard must be kept on employees when working in the building.  Keycard access begins at 7am each day and ends at 1am that night.  Loss of this keycard may incur a financial penalty for the cost of replacement.

Summer theatre is not easy. For a great many people interested in the industry, summer theatre serves as a fantastic first introduction to the rigors of a life in the arts.  MTWichita is no exception to that rule and technicians can be expected to push themselves for the entire twelve weeks that they are here. Upon making it to the end, however, participants will leave the program more confident in their abilities, speed, and precision. Technicians learn more in a few months of working with other industry professionals at MTWichita than can be accomplished in years of training outside of summer theatre / with other formal training. More importantly, MTWichita prides itself in cultivating an atmosphere and a network of people who leave here not only as close colleagues but good friends. You'll find that the people you meet in Wichita will be the same people you work with all over the United States for years to come - our network extends into every major market and each year we produce more and more accomplished alumni who go on to work on Broadway, touring productions, in film and television, within education, and right here in Kansas. 

  • Working Hours / Days
    A typical workday for most employees begins at 9am, breaks for lunch at 1pm, and ends at 6pm.  Breaks are taken midway through the first and second 4-hour blocks of the day. Those working in supervisory roles or on show crew can expect those hours to float to reflect the show schedule or expand to meet the needs of production. At the peak of production, it is not unusual for start times to move to 8am and end times to stretch to 7pm. Each employee is entitled to a day off every work week. The exact day is at the discretion of department heads. Efforts are made to respect federal holidays, but the needs of the production dictate these allowances. 
  • Hospitality
    The MTWichita Guild kindly sets up the "Encore Table" at the back of rehearsal hall and keeps it stocked every day of the summer.  Employees are welcome to grab a bite to eat on breaks or when they are able.  Sunday supper is provided every sunday of show weeks - also provided by the MTWichita guild. Non-show weeks have lunch provided on Thursday. Pizza and/or snacks are provided after tech rehearsals for those working late on show crew. Those working on deck during load-in or load-out are often treated to donuts or bagels at first break courtesy of the production department. Birthday cakes are regularly in and out of the production spaces. There is no shortage of food and drinks at MTWichita!
  • Location
    Most production spaces including the production office, welding area, carpentry shop, electrics area, props shop, costume shop, and scenery storage are housed in the basement of Century II - safe from the frequent Kansas thunderstorms and balmy summer heat.  The wig shop, dressing rooms, wardrobe area, paint shop, and stage are all on ground-level inside the facility.  Administrative offices and a balcony that encircles the entire facility are found on the second floor - perfect for a breath of fresh air or lunch in the shade.